Terms and Conditions

By downloading, installing, and using the application NUJEK, you agree that you have read, understood, accepted, and agreed with the terms and conditions. These terms and conditions form a legal agreement between you and NUJEK on both the application and services. You could permanently uninstall the application from your device if you do not agree with the terms and conditions.

  1. We are NUJEK, a company which is established under the Republic of Indonesia’s applicable laws. We are a technology company, not a transportation company or a courier company and we do not offer transportation and courier services. We do not employ any service providers and we are not responsible for every act and negligence of theirs. The application is only a platform for searching the services easily.
  2. The application means a software application that we have developed and is a platform for searching the services provided by the third party. This application enables you to send a request for the services to the providers.
  3. The service providers mean third parties that offer services through the application.
  4. The services mean transportation services by riding a motorcycle or driving a car, offered by the service providers through the application accommodating the services in transportation, courier, food purchase, good purchase, and other services that we possibly add anytime. We attempt to connect you to the service providers to obtain the services based on where the service providers are in or around you as you make the service order.
  5. The private information means the information about you like your name, phone number, email, or such and other information that identifies the application user.
nu-Fast’s Specific Terms and Conditions
  1. The maximum dimension of good(s) is 30x30x30 cm. The maximum weight of good(s) is 30 kilograms.
  2. You are not allowed to send harmful goods like flammable substances, explosives, liquor, drugs, firearms, sharp weapon, and any illegal items.
  3. The service providers may ask you to open and show the goods inside of the package to ensure that the goods are like what you mention.
  4. The service providers deserve to refuse your order if they think that they cannot deliver the goods.
  5. You represent that you have been, are, or will be a legal owner of the goods to be delivered. The goods are not stolen goods or illegally obtained goods and you agree to protect, compensate and set us free and we are not responsible for the goods which are delivered by the service providers that may violate the applicable laws.
  6. We and/or the service providers deserve to refuse your order if we have a normal reason to suspect that you have or by receiving your order you will violate these terms and conditions, the policies, or the applicable laws.
nu-FOOD and nu-MART’s Specific Terms and Conditions
  1. You can only make an order for any food which is available in any restaurant on the food delivery service.
  2. We do not guarantee the availability of ordered items in the store/restaurant and the delivery of fragile/non-durable goods such as cakes and ice cream.
  3. We are not responsible for the quality of foods and/or goods provided by the restaurants and/or stores on the food-delivery service and the individual good-purchase service.
  4. You agree and understand that the price of foods or goods displayed on the food delivery service or individual good-purchase service is only estimated and changeable anytime.
nu-SERV’s Specific Terms and Conditions
  1. The price, the duration of delivery, and the other details are based on the variance of options.
  2. The additional charge is incurred if the use of service exceeds the agreed time based on the variance of service.
  3. You are not allowed to use goods/services rented/ordered for the agenda which violates the norms of religion and society as well as the applicable laws.
Warranty and Responsibility

We do not represent or guarantee you the use of the services and the application. You admit and agree that all risks emerged during the use of the application and the services by you are fully on you and you are not allowed to take any compensation from the company.

We use all the attempts to protect the application, server, and data security and make it free from viruses and errors. Nevertheless, no matter how effective the technology is, no security system is unable to break. Thus, we cannot guarantee our database security and we also cannot ensure that the information that you give will not be held/interfered with as you send it to us.